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Childhood adversity and lifetime resilience is a new collaborative and interdisciplinary research project at the University of Oxford. This project seeks to understand how people who experienced adversity in childhood were affected by these experiences across the course of their lives. The project is led by Dr Lucy Bowes (Associate Professor at the Department of Experimental Psychology, Medical Sciences Division and Tutorial Fellow at Magdalen College) and Dr Siân Pooley (Associate Professor in the Faculty of History and Tutorial Fellow at Magdalen College). The research is currently funded through TORCH | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The strengths of historical and psychological approaches are combined innovatively in this research to allow us to explore, through a contextualised, multi-level study, those processes that develop resilience across the life-course.

We will use this site to share news from our research and to post updates on future activities.

Click here to see our latest blog posts.

For further details of the project, please see: http://torch.ox.ac.uk/childhood

Image © Depositphotos.com/lenanet

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