Research proposals for the PhD (DPhil) studentships

We are very keen that graduate students’ own interests and skills should shape the focus of their PhD (DPhil), so we are not specifying what sorts of sources or approaches students should propose to explore during their three years of research. We encourage all potential applicants for the doctoral studentships to develop a proposal – within the broad remit of the project and their disciplinary approach – that allows them to explore the questions that they think are most important and promising in setting a new research agenda for studying Childhood Adversity and Lifetime Resilience.

There is some very useful general guidance on the characteristics of successful PhD (DPhil) proposals at Oxford. For the History studentship, please see the History Faculty’s guidance. For the Psychology studentship, please see guidance from the Department of Experimental Psychology.

For more general information about graduate study at Oxford, all of the information that you need is available on the University of Oxford’s website.